Monday, April 29, 2013

It is going to be a long week...

My day started with a text to a couple of friends to find out if we were still meeting "tomorrow" morning.   I got a pretty quick inquiry from Kerri (the Ridgely wonder knitter) saying that she thought we were meeting on Thursday.   I was just about to send a message saying that since today is Wednesday, tomorrow would almost surely be Thursday, when I realized that today is Monday not Wednesday.   It is going to be a long week.

What you see here are Kerri's Ridgely (photo taken last Monday) beside my Ridgely (photo taken ten minutes ago).    As you can see, mine is coming along but at no where near the pace of Kerri's.   Even our partner in crime knitting, Michele, is further along than I am.   I have given some thought to what it is about this pattern that keeps me from just sitting down and getting the job done?   At first I thought it was the mystery aspect but thanks to Kerri, that is no longer an issue.   I have come to the conclusion that this pattern requires my complete attention.   I can listen to a book, podcast, or TEDtalk and work on it with  no problem, but I can not chat, or watch TV.   What is more, I can not be interrupted mid-row without dire consequences.    Here is the thing, apparently I live a life with very little uninterrupted time.   I multi-task like nobody's business and this pattern does not work for me under those conditions.   I am not saying that I am giving up, or that I am not going to complete my Ridgely.   I am just saying that seasoned knitter or not, I am going to be the last one finished.

Thank you to everyone who asked about Friday's fall.   I am mobile and knitting once more.   There is a light brace on my ankle/foot and I am doomed to flats while the ligaments heal.   My knee is still ugly and sore but that is because it got skinned.   There is no deep damage there for which I am grateful.  My wrist is much, much better and only twinges if I move it just the wrong way.   Knitting no longer hurts so I am taking that as permission from my body to get on with my knitting.

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