Saturday, April 27, 2013

And it all came tumbling down...

Hubby Sock 26Apr13
If you read my last post (here), then you know I was feeling pretty confident about Hubby's socks being well on their way to completion.   As it happens, I may have spoken too soon.

I was about an inch past the heel (toe-up) when I decided to listen to the nagging voice in my head that kept saying that no one's feet are that long.   I know that to be untrue because my nephew wears a size 13.5 shoe.  However, Hubby does not.   Sure enough, when I held sock against the bottom of his foot, it was an inch-ish too long.   Back to the frog pond went I, ripping back an inch of leg, the heel, gusset, and an inch of foot.   Stitches were put back on the needles and a new gusset begun.   That is when I realized that a stitch had dropped and run in the ripping/picking process.   The sock is in time out now.  I am feeling persecuted.

Even if I were inclined to work on the naughty sock (which I am not at just this minute), I could not.   Yesterday morning, I took one step out of my front door, fell off of my left shoe, spun, and came down hard on my right knee, apparently breaking my fall with my left hand/wrist.   My left ankle, foot, & wrist are sprained, and my right knee looks like it belongs to a toddler who should have been walking rather than running.   I did try knitting last night (not the offending sock).  It hurt, so I stopped.  I am hopping for better today.

One the other hand, with nothing to do and no one home but me, I am thoroughly enjoying BBC's "Call the Midwife".

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