Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Sock That Never Ends

Look at this sock.   It looks pretty innocent doesn't it?   Well, as all knitters know, looks can be deceiving.   I first cast on Hubby's socks in October at our church's Zombie party thinking I would just whip them out in no time.   Ha!   The lies we tell ourselves.   In order to stave off boredom and balance the less than colorful yarn that Hubby prefers, I chose a more challenging sock pattern.   Hated that.   Turns out that a combination of lace and cables, does not make for good Zen knitting.   Besides, I started to worry that Hubby would find them too busy.   So, I ripped them out and cast on for my favorite simple sock pattern (SK-020 Basic Toe-up Sock), just wider to accommodate Hubby's manly feet.   I was almost done with them when I realized that I had made them an inch narrower rather than an inch wider.  I suppose I could have given them to someone else but Hubby likes the grey yarn and I like Hubby.   So, I ripped them out again.   This time I decided to try casting on the same number of stitches that I usually do for myself and the boys, but using bigger needles.   Rather than my usual 2.25mm needles I cast one sock on with 2.5mm and one with 2.75mm needles.  I knit each toe plus two inches, tried them both on Hubby's feet, and (YAY!) the 2.5mm ones fit beautifully.   Amazing what a small change can make.

As you can see I am pretty far along on the first sock (I will have to rip out and restart the second one).   The photo above makes it look like I am further along than I really am.   I have only just begun to turn the heel.   T2, whose foot is shorter than his father's, was kind enough to model for me.  I like him too.

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