Monday, April 22, 2013

Just asking...

I have talked a little about how hard it has been to find our place since moving to Florida and how finding our local UU has made a world of difference.   Finally, we have a place to go where we feel loved and accepted.

T2, especially, has come out of his shell since we found the UU.   In the last year+ he has gone from being painfully shy and introverted to an outspoken co-chair of his youth group.  We thought we could not be any prouder of him but it turns out that we can.

This summer our UU youth are planning a trip to NYC.   At first we were hesitant to let him go (Manhattan in the summer is killer on breathing), but after admitting that we really do trust the chaperons and getting the go ahead from his doctor, we have relented.

In addition to the usual Manhattan tourist things, the kids are going to be spending time with the UU delegation at the UN (UU-UNO).   How cool is that?   (They will also be kayaking, which is just odd.   Who goes to NYC to go kayaking?)  

This trip is an annual thing (The kids went to New Orleans to work with Habitat last summer)  Each year our kids and congregation try to fund-raise enough dollars to make sure that any child who wants to go can do so regardless of their families financial situation.   There will be a rummage sale, a car wash, etc.   This year, for the first time, we are asking for help from outside of our congregation.

Now we get to the "asking" part.   Please find it in your heart to follow this link to our "gofundme" page.   Once there pick an aspect of the trip that appeals to you and help us meet that portion our fundraising goal.    I truly believe that the ocean was filled on drop at a time.   Following that thought, please know that however much (or little) you feel inspired to give will be greatly appreciated.


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