Friday, May 24, 2013

My Desk, No Gloss

Inspired by Kim Werker of Mighty Ugly fame, this is a photo of my desk with no before hand clean up.       All things considered it is pretty neat.   The pile on the left is things that I need to see to sooner rather than later (A fax to send for my mother and a sock to darn).   The pile on the right is just the notebook I use to jot things down on while I work and sock blockers that need to be hung up.   The framed picture is awaiting hanging, as well.  The circular needles need to be put away.   Theorectically the CD case in the center is going to remind me to get that CD out of my car (hasn't worked yet).  Hubby's sock and yarn are on hold until the second sock is done and I need to change the earwires to lever backs on a couple of earrings.   So, there you have it.

Why the sudden need to post "No Gloss" photos of our desks?   It seems there are those who think we online crafters live "glossy" lives as evidenced by the "perfect" pictures we put up on our blogs, Pinterest, etc.   What a hoot!

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