Friday, July 12, 2013

Up and Running...

Chez Serenity
As you can see, things are looking up at Chez Serenity.   While there is still a dumpster in our driveway, we have been power washed and now have a spiffy new garage door.   I am stunned at how fast the work has gone.  When I spoke to our contractor earlier this week, he said that he was pretty surprised himself.   He says that he has never worked on a project that has gone this smoothly before (while assuring me that all of his jobs go well, it is just that this one has gone especially well).   The carpeting is going in today.   If all continues to go well, we will be ready to start putting in furniture, appliances, etc. by the end of next week.   How cool is that?

We were planning to do an IKEA run this weekend but have put that off in the wake of incoming Zimmerman verdict.    We are hearing from friends in the area that violence is expected regardless of the verdict.   That there should even be a question of his guilt is disturbing (an armed adult, confronted and killed an unarmed child!).   Violence from either side would only add to the horror of the already horrific circumstances.

Okay, off my soapbox, and on to happier thoughts.   Do you like our front door?   When we picked the color, we did not expect it to be quite so....vibrant (?).    Do you watch Dr. Who?   It looks like a TARDIS.   At first we thought no one but us would notice.   That thought was a goner when  our friends started congratulating us on our really cool TARDIS blue door.   Then we figured we would just repaint it a deeper blue, but after some thought we have decided to leave it for now.   It is starting for grow on us.  We are Whovians, after all.

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