Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Test Knitting

Pearlescent Stroll & Flowers
@ Chez Serenity

Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those fun days that we hold near and dear to our hearts.   Not for the first time, Kerri, Michelle, and I met Kerri's MIL (Faye) half way between our homes and hers for lunch, laughter and knitting.   It was, as it always is, an absolute blast.  

This time, though, had a bit more purpose than our usual meet ups.   These lovely ladies, are test knitting my Simply Exquisite Shawl (working title).   I am so grateful for their help.   With three knitters, of varying abilities, working on it, I feel like it should be ready for anyone when it goes up for sale.

I am actually knitting two of them at the same time.   One destined to be a store sample for my local yarn shop, and one just to wear and show off.   I've already gotten some interest in a weekend KAL at a west coast (of FL) shop.   I will write more about that when the details are firmed up.

Do you like this yarn?   As a self-professed yarn snob, I am resistant to even little bits of man-made fibers but Kerri, inspired me to give Knit-Picks Stroll Tonal a try.    I love this color (pearlescent) , it is a mix of ivories and greys that sounds boring but is really quite elegant in person.   It is not terribly rough but perhaps not as soft as I would like.  Obviously, I not put off by it, since I have already ordered more to make that Old Glory Shawl I showed you a couple of weeks ago.  

Our house is coming along nicely.   We are in a holding pattern now as the county inspector is waiting for the electric to be turned on and the electric company is waiting for the county inspection.    I feel like this stand-off is our fault.   We have been telling anyone who will listen how impressed we are with  the way things have been coming together so smoothly.  Obviously, we jinxed it.

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