Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"Are you sure?" asked the nice man at the Sprint store.   I then proceeded to assure him that I was absolutely, positively certain that I had done a recent back up of my iPhone and yes, he really could reset it to factory settings in order to complete T2's upgrade (I gave him my upgrade since I took his a couple of months ago).   Turns out that I had not done a back up EVER which means that I lost all of the photos on my phone, including those destined for the blog.   OOPS

Contrary to the lack of photographic evidence, there has been quite a bit going on at Chez Serenity.   We are in the process of getting back into our home.   The construction, painting, carpets, etc. are done.   It looks wonderful.   Tomorrow the appliances arrive.   The furniture is due a the beginning of August and we are planning to buy beds this weekend.    If everything goes according to plan, we should be in by the second week of August.

Things are moving along on the knitting front too.   Test knitting of the new shawl is going well, and I replacement samples of the Simple Comfort Wrap and Simple Joys Shawl are looking good.   I've been so busy at the house that I have not gotten new pics of them but I will try to remember to get that done soon.

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