Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TED Knits

Simple Comforts Wrap
Paton's Grace

What do you do while knitting?   Do you ponder the universe?   Let your mind wander freely?  Watch TV?   Listen to a good book?  Chat with friends?  Probably, like me, you do all of those things.  

One of my favorite knitting companions is TED.   TED bills itself as "Ideas worth spreading".     TED brings us 18 minute long "riveting talks by remarkable people".     Today, I am listening to a group of talks by artists talking about what it means to each of them to create.   Tomorrow, I might be in the mood for science, or humor, or social justice.   I don't know about you but my mind needs to be fed.   TED is yummy brain food.

Recently, TI & I hit a local Starbucks for sustenance (aka caffeine).   While waiting for our drinks we were happily discussing TED's upcoming visit to Jacksonville.   Our barista joined the discussion.  He loves TED too.   It took a few minutes to sort out the fact that we were having two different conversations.   We were talking about TED (Technology Education Design) he was talking about "Ted" (the R rated movie with the rude teddy bear).    If that were not goofy enough, there was another patron enjoying the heck out of our exchange.   It seems she quickly picked up our differing perspectives on what "ted" meant to each of us.    TED & Ted, Jacksonville in a nutshell.

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  1. Knit WON, pearl too? Love this!