Monday, August 5, 2013

Solitary Knitting

Simple Joys
Patons Grace
I love Hubby and the boys to distractions, but, I am so, so happy to finally have the apartment to myself.  T1 is home from NJ, so he and T2 took my mom out shopping today.   Hubby is at work.   This is the first time I have had the apartment to myself since before T1 went away (six weeks!).

What have I been doing with my alone time?   I slept in, read for a while and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee on the patio.   Then, I knit.   Then, I took pictures of my knitting.   Now, I am writing about my knitting.   Once done here, I am going to go eat fish tacos (that only I like) and very possibly read about knitting while doing so.   Yes, folks, this is the perfect day.

Now, prepare yourself for an Andy Rooney moment.   Do you know what I hate?    Well, nothing really, but I do seriously dislike not being able to find something that I know I have.    During the photo portion of my lovely day, I wanted to pin out and photograph my in progress Simply Exquisite Shawl (thinking of changing that to the Phoenix Shawl since it rose out of the ashes) but couldn't find my blocking pins anywhere.  I know I have them.  I used them the two times I pinned and photographed this same shawl (I am actually working on three samples but am only photographing one for the pattern).   In an effort not to let this glitch derail my day, I used embroidery needles to pin it, but I really am going to have to find those pins.

What you see here is my Simple Joys shawl.   This will be my sample.   The one I wear out to be seen. I know it does not look all that impressive but it is early days yet.    I love Patons Grace.   It is awfully nice for a not high end yarn.   The mercerized cotton washes and wears well and some of the colors are really outstanding.   It really is perfect for Florida summer knitting.

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