Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nirvana Knitting

No matter what I do to this photo, it does not quite reflect what it was like sitting by the river this afternoon.    While a lovely lady taught T2 to swim, I was able to relax on a covered patio, knitting, and enjoying the breeze..    Even the whoosh of the cars going over the bridge was soothing.    These last few weeks have been grueling    It is moments like this that get me through.

Our house is once more ready to be our home.   All of the work is done and most of our new furniture, etc. has been delivered.   We thought we would be in sooner (the keys were handed over two weeks ago) but not one delivery has gone simply.   Sears brought the wrong cord for the washer (the right one was brought back the following week), the refrigerator was delivered broken (we had to pick out a new one and wait for delivery), Ashley Furniture delivered most of the living room furniture (which is very pretty) but forgot the accent chair (OMG, did you want an accent chair?), and brought us full size headboards for our son's twin beds (Dealing with them has been a nightmare.   Apparently, "customer service" is not really their middle name.)    We still do not have a delivery date on those.

We have been to IKEA (two hours away) four times in four weeks and still managed to forget to buy bedroom curtains.  That's our bad.   It turns out that moving back in is way harder physically and emotionally than we anticipated.   We are tired, sore and brain fried.

Thank heavens for peaceful afternoons on the river.

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