Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day Nine: Rest

So here it is, a day late and a picture short, Day Nine in my "Where I Live" series.

Yesterday, I got to do the most amazing thing.   I got to stay home sick.  It may not sound that exciting to some, but to the Moms among us it is a rare treat.

You see, because we live in FL, our youngest was able to take (and pass) his drivers test last week even though he is only 16.   When we lived there the NJ age was 17.   That means that he is on the road and I am not.

Yesterday, while T2 took himself off to school, I (stricken by the plague, or perhaps a cold) snuggled on the couch, read, knit, and watched three (!) spooky movies.    It was awesome.   I am feeling much better today, and quite pleased with FL license policy.

This is number nine , in a the 31 Days of Where I Live blogging challenge.
Each day I will post a thought and/or picture relative to something I like about living in NE Florida.  
You can see the whole list of posts here.

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