Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day Eight: City Coffee

City CoffeeSt. Augustine, FL
Our youngest (16yo) started college this year.   In September, when school began, he did not have his license.   He did pass his test last Thursday, but yesterday, my car went to the dealership with a mystery ailment and is not expected home until tonight or tomorrow.   That means that I am still driving him to school and waiting for him.

I thought this would be pretty miserable (St. Augustine does not have a single Starbucks!), or expensive (the shopping is grand) but that first school day in August, while looking for someplace to work/knit/read/caffeinate, I happened across the City Coffee Company, easy access, free WiFi, lots of parking, good coffee, the best ever breakfast burrito, with warm and welcoming staff.   JackPot!  

Two months on and I still look forward to coming here.

P.S.  Although they make them rarely, their zuchinni walnut muffins are to die for.

This is number eight , in a the 31 Days of Where I Live blogging challenge.
Each day I will post a thought and/or picture relative to something I like about living in NE Florida.  
You can see the whole list of posts here.


  1. Love your series. Beach photo is stunning! Always get homesick for Ohio this time of year so these are great reminders of why I still opt to live here, not there!

    1. That is exactly why I am doing this. I get so desperately homesick this time of year.

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