Monday, October 7, 2013

Day Seven: My Favorite Restaurant

Columbia RestaurantSt. Augustine, FL

The Columbia has been my favorite restaurant since I was a little girl.   I can remember my mother taking me here as proof that I was "good enough" to eat in a grown-up restaurant.   The food is Cuban (a particular favorite of mine).   Their 1905 Salad is famous and for good reason.   Sometimes we go there just for their Spanish Bean Soup and salad.   Others, we do it up big with soup to desert (their flan is heavenly).

When we lived in NJ, I would only get to eat here once or twice a year.   Now, I can go when ever the mood strikes me.

This is number seven , in a the 31 Days of Where I Live blogging challenge    
Each day I will post a thought and/or picture relative to something I like about living in NE Florida.  
You can see the whole list of posts here.

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