Monday, April 30, 2012

Projects finished, projects begun...

Hey, look what I finished.   This is the Masters Prayer Shawl by Barbara Szabrowicz.   I found it while searching Ravelry for something fast, easy, & pretty to make for a friend in need.   It was simply a dream to knit.  The directions were very clear.   The body of the shawl was easy enough to knit at church or in the movies.  The trim required attention but not so much that I could not work on it in the car.  I am very happy with the results.   I loved, loved, loved the Patons Pure Organic Yarn and am so sorry that it has been discontinued.

I also finished two of the four samples for my classes at Michaels.   I decided to do three washcloths and a scrubby.   My plan is to make a simple garter stitch cloth for my beginner knitting class, an easy single crochet cloth (of my own design) for my beginning crochet class, the Folly Beach Washcloth for a texture knitting class, and a crochet rosette/flower, made with that new Scrubby yarn from Sugar & Cream, for my next step crochet class.   It seems to me that most people will be happy to have something to make that they can finish right in class.

New to my needles is the Bigger on the Inside shawl using Zitron's Unisono in blues.   We are HUGE Dr.  Who fans so when this pattern hit Knitty last week, it was absolutely necessary that I drop everything and cast on.    There is even a special colorway (also called Bigger on the Inside) in Lornas Laces Solemate just for this shawl.  I am not using the recommended yarn in part because I like to be just a little bit different, and in part because I prefer variegated yarns.   So far I have wound the yarn and knit a swatch.   The pattern has only charts for the Time Vortex & Tardis lace which is a problem for me, so my next step will be to translate the charts into words.   Then I will be good to go.

Also recently cast on is a simple side to side shawl using some left over Jitterbug from my stash.   This will be my church/movie knitting since it requires so little attention.   I keep changing my mind about whether to knit it all  in garter stitch or stockinette with a garter border.   I have cast-on and knit a bit of both.   When I make up my mind, I will rip one out and continue on with the other.

So that's it folks.  That the news in knitting from Chez Serenity.

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