Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What are you knitting?

Simple Joys Shawl

Here it is, one of my newly begun knitting projects.   This is my own take on the simple double triangle shawl.   I was not completely pleased with how the cast on row looked on my last one so I began this one a little differently and I love how it looks. Check out the center, top of this photo.   See how is scoops just a bit?.  I am pleased.

Simple Joys Shawl

I  like to have a simple, not work, project to work on at church, but as my life has gotten a little crazy, I have expanded that.     Now I work on my Sunday knitting all day.   I try to make my Sunday project  not only simple but also intended for someone else.   My last one went to a friend who is going through a particularly nasty divorce.    This one will likely go to one of our church's chaplains who is interested in starting a knitting group with a focus on comfort shawls for sick and/or needy parishioners.   I have volunteered to coordinate this effort.   I thought I would write this pattern up and share it with the group (and post it here, of course).


This last weekend was a bit traumatic for me.   Our youngest went away on a church trip.  This is the first time he has gone away without me (I have gone away without him but that is different).    I was a bundle of nerves all weekend.   He, on the other hand, was fine.   He had a wonderful time, made wise choices, and took good care of himself (he has asthma and is recovering from bronchitis).    He did so well, in fact, that I may have to let him do it again.   Sigh.

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