Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hanging with Beryl

Yes, it's true.  Tropical Storm Beryl has arrived in NE Florida.   I am not sure that this picture does it justice but we are getting gusts of up to 70mph!   The power has gone out and come back a couple of times already.  We have done all we can in terms putting up extra water and easy fix foods.   Our phones & Kindles are fully charged.   With those things taken care of, we can relax a bit and see this as an adventure.

The boys are taking advantage of electricity and internet to play video games.   Hubby and I are watching The Village.   I am knitting (and blogging).   We have lanterns and Scrabble for the next blackout.   All thing considered.   Life is good.

Right now I am working on a couple of basic knit & crochet dishcloths to use as class samples.   I have put my Bigger on the Inside Shawl on hold for a bit.    While I LOVE the color and feel of the yarn I originally picked out for it (Zitron's Unisono), this is FL and I just can't bring myself to work with wool in this heat.    So, I have treated myself to a couple of skeins of Claudia Handpainted Linen in a lovely dark Aurora blue.   I know that linen is not for everyone but I really like it, especially after it has been washed and worn a few times.

Did you know that the Shakers used to grow their own flax and spin it into linen?    They would weave it into  sheets.   At first, when they were a bit scratchy, the children would sleep on them.   Then, after a bit of wear and softening, the adults would use them.    After a long while, when the sheets were super soft from much wear and many washes, they would be put on the beds of the old and infirm.   I heard this story as a child at the Hancock Shaker Village (very near to my godparents home), and have loved linen every since.

Anyway, I am working on other things while I wait for the new yarn to come.    Dishcloths for class samples, my Simple Joys shawl on Sunday,  Toe-Up Socks  for hubby, and the Wingspan Shawl (in a lovely unidentified cotton that I found in my stash).  

Oh, oh, the lights are flickering again.   I had better say my goodbyes.

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