Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

Yesterday afternoon the boys & I took advantage of a break in the storms to soak up some sun at our local Starbucks.   I, of course, brought a WIP with me to work on while we talked (I love that I have two teenage boys who actually talk to me).

Most of the patterns that I write are for knitting because that is where my crafty heart lies.   However, this crochet pattern is my "go to" washcloth pattern and it is mine.  I came up with it a few years ago when my brother was first diagnosed with diabetes.   It is thick, absorbent, textured (good for diabetics), and works up really quickly.   Why then have I not shared the pattern on Ravelry?    Heaven knows I have talked enough about doing just that, but every time I start one, I forget to stop and take photos.   I find the pattern, not just comfortably mindless, but a bit compulsive.    This afternoon. T1 came up with an idea that just might work.   He suggested that I finish this one and take pictures.   Then, rip it back an inch at a time, taking  photos at each stop.   The only problem is that I work the first row in a non-traditional way but I can fix that by starting another in the same color with T1 at my side to snapping away.   This could work and if you see a new pattern in my sidebar, you will know that it did.

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