Sunday, June 17, 2012

5 Fun Places to Knit in Public...

In honor of World Wide Knit in Public Day (which apparently is a week long) here is a list of my favorite places to knit in pubic (KIP):

  1. Starbucks - We are lucky enough to live very near a wonderful, especially friendly, 24hr Starbucks.   Also, relatively nearby are two locations that are so close to the beach that you can hear the waves and smell the ocean.   I love to sit outside, sipping a fat-free, half-sweet, Mocha Latte (or decaf, fat-free, half-sweet, iced Americano) while knitting and listening to my current favorite audio book or blog.
  2. Panera Bread  - Now not all Panera have comfortable seating but some do.   I especially like the locations that have nice outdoor seating or a fireplace.   Their coffee is not as good as *$s, but their iced tea is the best and there are free refills.
  3. Walt Disney World - I love knitting at Disney, while I wait for the guys to ride something thrilling  to them but horrifying to me.    There was actually one day at Magic Kingdom where I knit all day while the guys did their thing (I was in a mushy mood).    One of my favorite places to knit is France (Epcot).
  4. Casa Monica Hotel -  Once upon a time, this was one of Henry Morrison Flagler's awesome hotels.   When I was a child, it was the local courthouse.   Now, it is once again a lovely, elegant, luxurious, hotel.   The lobby boasts deep, comfy seating around a peaceful fountain (I am surprised that we do not see more people dozing here), and there is a great stone balcony with tables and chairs just outside of their coffee shop (they serve Starbucks).
  5. The beach - I love, love, love to take my knitting to the beach.  Sometimes I go by myself, other times I go with Hubby and/or the boys (so long as they understand that after the walking, comes sitting and knitting).
What you see above is the knitting I took to St. Augustine on Wednesday (washcloths for a baby gift).    The photos were taken at the Columbia Restaurant (a favorite since I was a little girl).

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