Friday, June 15, 2012

Not as innocent as he looks...

Jack, not as innocent as he looks.
I have always suspected that Jack had a plan which included tripping me in the kitchen in the hopes that I would drop food on the floor for his instant consumption.    To bad for him that the one time that it worked, I was food-less.   Still, the damage now done, will take a while to heal.   In my efforts not to land on my beloved pup, I twisted, turned, and landed hard enough to tear this & that in my ankle (my knee & hip are less unhappy but still not thrilled with the whole thing).   I tried crutches for a couple of days but eventually they hurt more than the ankle.   Yesterday, in a fit of cabin fever, I drove just a bit and hobbled about with a cane.   Turns out that was a bad idea (ouch!).   Today, however, was wonderful.   My sons took me into town (St. Augustine), to my favorite restaurant for lunch, and to a local museum (where residents get in free).   Thanks to my Mom's wheel chair, I was able to do this and more with no ill effects.   I have awesome children, that I love & appreciate very much.

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