Friday, June 1, 2012

Please hold...

This morning I slept in a bit, wound my linen, grabbed a cup of tea, and ran out to pick T2 up at school (exams began today with an 11am dismissal).  I got there just in time, no time to knit.   On the way back we stopped  at the eye Dr to have our frames adjusted (I keep falling asleep reading).    Very efficient staff, no time to knit.   Once home the boys begged and pleaded (not really, they just asked nicely) and we went out to lunch.   No time to knit.   Errands were run and then it was home again.    Finally there was time to knit.    The only problem being that my finger which had been mildly sore all day, hurt like the dickens when I knit!     Hubby came home, poked, prodded, twisted, turned, and pronounced my finger sprained.   Yes, folks, I some how managed to sprain my finger in my sleep.   So here I sit, watching a scary movie (The Lady in Black), unable to knit.   Well, tomorrow is another day.

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