Monday, February 18, 2013

I told myself I wouldn't, but then I did....

I told myself I would not knit/crochet the requested throw for our caring committee.    Before I got involved in this Comfort Shawl group, I kept one prayer/comfort shawl on the needles at a time.   I only worked on it at church, and the movies.   Once finished, washed, blocked, and donated, I would start another to continue the process.   Lately, however, I feel like the knitting for this group is taking up a lot more of my time than I have to give.

I have a pattern waiting for edits, one finished and waiting photos, and another one swirling around in my brain.   If I am going to make a business of my designs than I have to behave as though it is a business (At least, that is what I tell myself).   With that in mind, when asked if we could produce a throw, I said that I would ask around (I did not immediately say "Sure, I will get right on that").   I did find a volunteer.  Another blogger's color sense provided a stripe sequence.  A combination of shopping and stash diving produced the yarn (read more about all of that here).   I even put it all in a pretty basket.  That is about when I found out that I had misunderstood my volunteer.   She would rather sew the blanket.   Then, her life went crazy (as does happen), and I have not had the heart to remind her that she owes me a blanket.  Poop!

You can probably guess what happened next.   Last night, while watching Downton Abby (Did you see it?  Holy Moly!  Who saw that coming?), I started a giant granny square blanket.    Hopefully, it will go fast.

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