Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reveal: Serenity Bag

I may not have gotten my knitting act together for Sunday but I did get my new Sunday knitting bag done in time.   To recap, I found this tote bag at Marshall's last week for $5 with the intention of embroidering over the word Serenity.   After agonizing over what color thread to use, I got started.

Once I got going, though, I decided that rather than using one color, I would stitch them each in a different color.   I am so, so happy with the way it turned out.   The last Serenity was stitched late Friday night after which I stayed up long enough to move my church stuff (knitting, a note pad, and a file folder for each of the committees or focus groups that I am involved with).   It all fit beautifully (including my netbook).

It really is a little project but one with which I am very pleased.

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