Monday, March 4, 2013

"Prayer" Shawls

Late last year, I was asked to set up a “Prayer” Shawl group at church.   Words like “prayer” can make some UUs twitchy, so I went with the Comfort Shawl Group.   That worked for a couple of months, until it became clear that our Caring Committee was going to want the occasional blanket and maybe a couple of scarves.    Also, I seemed to have almost as many quilters in the group as I had knitters and crocheters.   Time for a new name, we are now the Comfort Crafts Group (Much more inclusive, don’t you think?).

Now that the name thing is settled, it is time to start actually giving shawls, etc. to those in our congregation in need of a communal hug.   I am happy to say, that I have four shawls ready to give (two by me and two by a goddess known as Karen).    Admittedly, it would be easier to hand these babies out if I would just get over this respiratory thing and get to church but still it is a load off of my mind knowing that they are good to go when I am.

Yesterday, I tagged each one, wrapped them in tissue paper and put them in gift bags.   Hubby had a great idea.   He suggested that rather than gift bags, I put each one in a pretty reusable bag from our local grocery store, less expensive than gift bags and the idea fits nicely with UU culture.   I am totally doing that next time.

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