Friday, March 29, 2013

Two Who Dared

A last minute realization that tomorrow is Good Friday, had Hubby and I doing some last minute date night planning.   It was T2 who reminded me that we already had plans to see a local screening of "Two Who Dared" (My calender only helps me when I remember to look at it).

Produced and directed by their grandson "Two Who Dared" tells the true story of Martha and Waitstill Sharp, "who, just days prior to the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, left their young children to help save thousands being persecuted in Eastern Europe".    After the movie an older gentleman spoke about his experience as one of the children saved by Martha Sharp.  It was exciting and heart warming all at the same time.  The story serves as a reminder of what can be accomplished by a few people committed to doing the right thing.  

Assuming that there is a showing (listed here) near you, I urge you to go see it.   My only regret is that I did not press the boys to go with us. 

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