Monday, April 1, 2013

A good time was had by all...

How was your Easter weekend?    Ours was just wonderful.

Soon after we moved to NE FL, I found out that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Jacksonville, just  NW of where we live, in an area that I drive through at least once a week.    It turns out that her father was a Unitarian Minister and she was living with him in what is Mandarin/ Jacksonville, FL while he served at a church there.   Today the building is the Mandarin Community Club and when we heard that they were hosting an art fair this weekend, we knew we wanted to go.

Consistent with the times, the building itself was rather small and simple but it really was a treat to go inside and see where such an influential American author spent her an important part of her life.  The children's art was showcased inside.   It was fun to see what kids can do when their creativity is encouraged.

The art show was awesome.  The weather, which had been a bit chilly of late, has warmed up nicely.   It was a perfect middle weather day to wander around outside.    I thought it was going to be an art show but it was really more of an upscale artsy craft market.   There were no kitschy craft items, no hair bows, etc.    Each item was one of a kind and unique.   This is the kind of show I grew up going to with my mother and I loved it.   Even Hubby was impressed enough not to hurry me along.    For budgetary reasons we brought home only a couple of things (including kettle corn for Saturday night's Dr. Who premier), but everywhere we looked was eye-candy making "window" shopping a real treat.

This morning dawned bright and warm.  Hubby put out favorite candies for Easter (he is such a sweetie).   We all (even T1, who usually sleeps in) spent the better part of the day at the UU.   First for a lovely, inclusive Easter/Ostara service and then a potluck lunch with our friends.  .It was so, so much fun.  T2 and I were talking the other day.   We agreed that it finally feels like we are settling in here and we have the UU to thank for that.  Holy moly, what a difference a year makes.

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