Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Look what I found...

Earlier today, while searching my UFO bins for a past project (more on that another day), I came across this lace capelet.   I remember making it and I remember that it was supposed to be a birthday gift for a NJ friend (before we moved to FL).   What I don't remember is why it never made it to the intended recipient.   The only thing I can think of is that in the craziness of the move I just forgot.

All I had to do was weave in the ends and I had a lovely bit of handmade goodness to wear to a committee meeting tonight.  It looked very nice indeed over black knit pants and a black tank.   So nice, in fact, that I want another one in blue or maybe turquoise.   The only problem  was that, while I remember knitting it, I don't remember where the pattern came from.

Enter Ravelry.   It took a bit of time and multiple searches but eventually I came up with the this:

The Sea Swirl Capelet that I am almost certain matches mine.  Since we moved in 2008, I could not have gotten my original pattern from the source listed on Ravelry,  I suppose I could have the wrong pattern but I keep looking at the two photos and they look the same to me (it even calls for the Euroflax Linen that I used).   In any case, I do have the listed source (2010 Pattern a Day Calender), so getting my hands on it was not a problem.

There are a couple of things I have to finish first.  Plus, I want to take my time picking the color. But, before too long, I hope add at least one more of these sweet capelets to my wardrobe.

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