Friday, June 28, 2013

After Knitting...

This was before, and what you see here is after.   See didn't I tell you that felting was magical?  Coincidentally, (or not) this pattern (Felted Moebius Basket) is from Cat Bordi's "A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting".   I love, love, love, that book.

Felting is also very forgiving (just one more reason to love it).   As you may recall, I messed with the pattern just a little.   I used two strands of Manos rather than one and I skipped the applied I-cord edging.   After running it through the wash twice, I was thrilled with the heavier basket but not so much by the longer handle.   After contemplating, and rejecting, the idea of removing the handle all together, I decided to cut the handle, remove two inches and then sew the ends together (being careful to keep the moebius twist) with left over yarn.   At that point it looked a bit Frankenstein, but after yet another run through the wash (to felt the new seam), I am really happy with it.   The basket got a bit smaller but is still big enough for my needs (a portable knitting notion keeper) and the seam is only visible when I look for it.   I am pleased.

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